Current Events

Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Thanksgiving is coming up.  Please join us for an afternoon of delicious eats and fellowship.

River Life Strikes Again!


River Life recently had the pleasure of helping Steven get back to his friends and family in West Virginia.  When Steven gets back, he has a potential job lined up.  He just needed a little help and someone believing in him. Total cost of the ticket and travel - $375.  Total cost of someone starting over - priceless.


River Life Foundation Celebrates Important Milestone

Interested in hearing more about River Life and how it was founded?  Want to hear more from the man who's helped hundreds in our community?  Sean Swanson, River Life Foundation, will be speaking this Sunday, August 7th, at two locations;

  • 9:00 AM in Ferndale, at Our Savior's, 425 Shaw Ave
  • 11:00 AM in Fortuna, at the Christ Lutheran Church, 2132 Smith Lane

August 4, 2016 marks the 9th anniversary of his remarkable river rescue, and the beginning of the River Life Foundation.  Check out "Our Story" for more information.

Happy 8th Anniversary River Life!

Happy 8th Anniversary to River Life Foundation! 

River Life Clean Up

Come join us and clean up the community!  The River Life Foundation will be hosting a clean up from 9AM to 12PM, the first weekend of August.  Those wishing to help can meet at the Redwood Village Shopping Center, near the parking lot between the Shell Station and McDonalds.

Please bring sturdy shoes, protective clothing (including gloves and long sleeves if you're susceptible to poison oak), and a positive attitude!  We will supply the tools you need to get the job done.

Thank you for your support!  Together we can make a difference!

Questions?  Please call Sean at 707-362-9384.